Gas Appliance Repairs

Should your appliance break down you can rest assured TW Gas & Heating use the latest diagnostic techniques and back up all fixes with a call to the manufacturer to check on any component / appliance updates.

In the event of a fault / breakdown you might see a ‘fault code’ displayed or a sequence of lights, sometimes flashing. These codes or light sequences are essential in correctly diagnosing the fault on the appliance, so reducing the time and cost of the repair.

Before turning off or trying to reset the appliance, its always good practice to make a note of the fault code, if there is a light sequence, and or noise, then photos or videos often give a better account of the problem then someone trying to explain it.

Whilst always searching for the lowest price on parts TW Gas & Heating will never use second hand or refurbished parts.

All parts come with the standard manufacturer guarantee.